31 Days of VMA | Ranger Mac

Ranger Mac was an early genius in mass media. Wakelin McNeel (aka Ranger Mac) reached an estimated 700,000 young people with his Wisconsin Public Radio program, “Afield With Ranger Mac.” The program ran from 1933 until 1954, reaching out to students in one-room schoolhouses and big city schools alike with colorful and knowledge-filled messages about conservation and nature. The mere mention of “Ranger Mac” evokes warm memories among those who looked forward to his program each week.

It has been an honor and a privilege to build this website in Ranger Mac’s memory. Luckily we have intact recordings of the original radio broadcasts, so we can continue to spread his vision as he intended. We hope to continue to develop this page as a forum and social network for Trail Hitters, new and old, to share their experiences.


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