Daily Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses


Keep tabs on your social media strategy in less than 30 minutes a day!

It might seem like you can’t get enough done in 30 minutes for your business’s social media campaign, but with the right planning that’s all it takes. Before you start planning your daily schedule, you need to decide which social networks your business will use. Here’s we’ll go over five of the most popular: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but the same process will work for any network.

The plan will be divided into five blocks to help organize the process. Don’t worry if it takes longer the first few times you try. With practice, you’ll soon be zipping through your daily social media chores in under 30 minutes and moving on to other tasks!

Engage Your Customers: 10 minutes

Keeping in contact with current and potential clients is one of the biggest benefits of using social media for your business. When you make an effort to reach out to customers, they will respond positively and be more likely to come back later and bring in new business.

Facebook: Check any Notifications, Like posts shared by your customers about your business, and reply to any new posts and messages.

Twitter: Check your Mentions for new interactions and followers, respond to any important inquiries, and take the time to thank your new followers.

LinkedIn: Check your new Connections, respond to comments, and thank your readers.

Google+: Check new Circle additions, see what has been shared, and thank new followers and those who have shared.

Instagram: Check the News tab for comments or tagged pictures that pertain to your business. Thank the users who tagged you, and keep an eye out for good pictures to repost on your business’s own Instagram account.

Monitor: 5 minutes

After you have responded to your viewers, you should browse current events throughout social media. Look at the trending topics and see if anything is relevant for your field.

Facebook: Browse your Feed and search for news in your field.

Twitter: Check search streams, @mentions of your company, and relevant hashtags.

LinkedIn: Check LinkedIn pulse and any materials published by people you follow.

Google+: Check your Circles and notifications.

Instagram: Check the News tab and look for pictures linked to relevant hashtags.

Post: 5 minutes

Post content whenever you need to. You can use a scheduler tool or do it manually. Facebook lets you schedule right there in the platform! Make sure you post content that is interesting and relevant to your field. This can include original content from your company or articles from external sources.

Facebook: Post a relevant article from your content team or another trusted source.

Twitter: Retweet a customer Tweet that will bring in new business. Especially look for images, videos, and happy customer testimonials.

LinkedIn: Publish or share a post.

Google+: Post original content or share an article from an external source.

Instagram: Post at least one picture a day.

Analyze: 5 minutes

In order to improve your plan, you need to see what kind of content works best for your business on the various social media networks. You can use analytics tools such as Hootsuite or Google Analytics to keep track of how your networks are performing. You can also simply use the tools each social network site gives you to keep track of data.

Facebook: Facebook Insights shows viewer demographics by age, region, and gender. You can also look at number of Likes, monthly active users, and daily Likes.

Twitter: Twitter Analytics gives information about Tweet activity such as Mentions, Retweets, link clicks, and number of impressions.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn has analytic information on the right side of the page, including your profile ranking. Company Pages allow you to look at impressions, clicks, interactions, engagement, and followers acquired.

Google+: Google Analytics can help reveal demographics for several of your social networks.

Instagram: Iconosquare can show you your most liked photos, daily and monthly follower demographics, and engagement statistics.

Schedule: 5 minutes

It’s important that your customers see your social media posts as coming from a real person, not an automaton. This helps open up a dialogue between you and your customers. Pick optimal posting times based on your customers’ habits, find information that is relevant to your field and current events, and schedule content for the next day.

Facebook: Limit posts to one or two a day, and make sure each one contains high quality content. Posts can be more light-hearted and story-driven.

Twitter: Space out Tweets to avoid spamming your customers. Use different formats to see what works best for your business,including photos, videos, link placement, etc. If sharing from an external source, include the appropriate hashtags and @mentions.

LinkedIn: Share more professional, serious content.

Google+: Share news from your business or relevant external content.

Instagram: Plan your photo content to complement your other social media posts. You can give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business or promote upcoming events.

Although this is a guide to getting your social media housekeeping done quickly, it can be advantageous to check back throughout the day, especially if you have lots of customers reaching out constantly. These sites allow you to set up and control alerts to notify you when something new happens. Timely responses to your customers can make a big difference for your reputation. A small business’s social media strategy doesn’t have to take your whole day! We know your time is very valuable, if you need a custom social media strategy contact us HERE!


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