WordPress Favicon Plugin – My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Ever notice how all of your favorite websites have a little 16×16 icon in their URL? Craigslist has a purple peace sign  – Gmail has a little red envelope   – Pornhub has a P and a H against a black background, respectively What are these things, you might be asking, and how do I get one of these little icons for my site? And what the heck is Pornhub?

Well my friends, I am about to make you very happy.  Those images are called Favicons, and you can basically make any image into a favicon and add it to your web site. How do I do this you ask? With our favorite WordPress Favicon Plugin – All in One Favicon. This little plugin has been downloaded almost a quarter million times and it still retains a 4/7 out of 5 rating. That is pretty good with all the idiots and trolls and idiot trolls out there!

So basically, if you are using WordPress (if not what are you doing?!?! Switch now before everyone finds out what you’re doing and laughs at you. And while you’re at it – quit using  !) All you need to do is upload this plugin to your site and you are ready to go. Like mentioned, the proper dimensions for a favicon is 16×16. You can choose from thousands of favicons or make your own at this site here


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