iPage Hosting Review

Have you used iPage hosting? If so, what are your thoughts? For my iPage hosting review, I found them to generally be the cheapest hosting service available. I have set up over twenty sites there, and for the most part, I find it to be a great place to host sites that get less then 10,000 views a day. I use that number arbitrarily, but if you are getting that kind of traffic, you should probably spend some money on a solid private hosting plan. iPage offers several different plans depending on your needs, but for now we will look at their basic hosting package.


Obviously the price – they always have ridiculous first time introductory offers. Currently, they are charging less then two dollars a month for hosting. My advice is to buy the longest term deal at the start. They are quick to give refunds, which is pretty amazing if you have ever had to struggle to get a credit from a different company. So if you have any regrets, you can get your money back with little effort. They have a 24-hour customer service line which I have used several times, and every time they have been able to get to the bottom of my problem. With this basic plan, you get unlimited Disk Space, transfer/Bandwidth, Domains Allowed, and MySQL Databases.

I had a security issue on one of the sites. Apparently, an online casino ad was showing on my page. The interesting thing about this, was ipage actually called me to tell me about it. They then took care of the problem. So I guess this is also more of a Pro. However, I imagine if you have a high volume of traffic, you are going to want to look at more advanced options.

I love iPage for the price. If you are a person who gets ideas and likes to work fast, iPage is a great working environment. It is super easy to add domains, create databases and install WordPress. You can be up and running less then thirty minutes after purchasing a domain. More practically, iPage is perfect for single jobs where clients are watching every penny. You will be the hero when you casually tell your client that they have their domain and hosting set up for the next three years and it cost them less then one-hundred dollars.

We found ipage to be a great solution. What are your experiences with iPage? Would you recommendiPage?


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