Another set of Dofollow Backlinks

There are many different thoughts on link building. As you probably have guessed by the incredible amount of spammy comments on the internet, i.e. “I’ve been searching the internet for hours before I found a site like yours…”, there are plenty of people out there using magic robots to create backlinks across the Internet. While there is nothing wrong with that in our eyes, Google sees things a little bit differently. In fact, tools like GSA and Scrapebox are the exact definition of Black Hat Link Building.

So how do you Make White Hat Dofollow Backlinks? Get out there and read some articles, and leave good feedback. Show that you read the post and avoid comments like the spam from above. And for God’s Sake – Don’t leave your link in the comment! OK – here are some great blogs to get dofollow backlinks!

Page Rank:(7/10)

Page Rank:(7 /10)

Page Rank:(5 /10)

Page Rank:(4 /10)

Page Rank:(4 /10)

Page Rank:(2 /10)

OK, get out there and get some link juice. Remember to write meaningful comments and engage the writer. If you get a response you might be able to get more links. This is the best way to run a natural, white hat link campaign the way Google likes it. And as always, every blog on this page is a dofollow blog, so make sure to comment all over.


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