How to Get Started with Video Content

How to Get Started with Video Content

As you build your website and set up your online business and SEO, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure that you’re getting as many eyes on your website as possible. As you develop your online content strategy, seriously consider using video content. Why? Videos convey a lot of information while drawing in many viewers.

Don’t worry if you have no directing, recording, or editing experience. With the advances in modern recording technology and editing software, even a short video from a smart phone can easily be made into worthwhile content! If you’re new to video content or just want a refresher, Virtual Market Advantage will go over what you need to know to get started.

Understand Your Audience

When developing a marketing and content strategy, it’s best to start by learning who your audience is and what drives them to your website. What type of content pulls them in? What content makes them stick around and convert to sales? Are they looking for motivation? How-to videos? Entertainment? Do they want to know more details about your product? Using analytics tools, you can keep track of what your viewers are looking at, how long they stick around on a particular page, and all kinds of demographic information about the people you’re reaching. Based on this information, you can see what type of video content might connect best with your audience.

Videos are a great way to get almost any type of content to your users. After you understand your audience a bit more, the next step is to set goals for your video marketing campaign. What are your marketing goals? What do you want your videos to accomplish? If your goal is to increase your sales, then you will want to focus your video content around marketing your brand and product with useful information. If your goal is to spread awareness and gain followers, you might choose to focus on entertainment videos.

Research Your Competitors

Knowing what you’re up against is as important with your video content as it is for your website as a whole. Researching how businesses similar to your own are marketing though video can help you understand your audience, focus your message, and inspire you with new content ideas. Check out your competition’s YouTube channels, other social media pages, and websites to see how they market with videos and how they link everything together.

As you research and take note of your competitors’ content, make sure that you remain authentic to your brand and provide content with a unique spin. Simply copy/pasting a marketing campaign from another company won’t work as well as forming an individualized strategy (and can get you into legal trouble).

Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Once you have done some research and understand your audience, you should create a YouTube channel for your business. This is simple to do, as you just need a free Google account to get started. You probably already have one that you use for your business, but if not, go ahead and create one. It’s better in the long run to link your social media accounts and website with an official business email address rather than a personal one, and using a Google account makes a lot of steps much simpler.

Once your channel is created, there are a few basic elements to focus on first. These include your channel icon, your “about me” section, and your cover art. Connecting your YouTube account with your brand in this way will make it clear to your audience that they’re in the right place and will make it easier for people to find and reach your company.

After you create some videos, upload them to your YouTube channel. From there, you can spread them to your other social media pages and connect back to your website.

Creating Your First Videos

Making video content does not have to be expensive. There are some simple and stress-free ways to create great video content without breaking your marketing budget. Here are some quick, cheap content formats to consider:

  • Video Testimonials – These are popular, especially for e-commerce stores, because they establish trust and social connection among viewers, and they can come across as more genuine than a text review. Ask a few of your loyal customers to provide a video testimonial of your product or business. This is a great way to start up your video content while getting honest reviews at the same time. You can simply have them send in a self-made video from their phones or set up a more professional shoot.
  • Live Videos – People who view online videos are more likely to spend time watching live videos than ones that are prerecorded. Live videos can easily be done through your Facebook business page using your smartphone, and they’re a great way to connect new viewers to your website. This creates a more personal experience while saving you money by not needing fancy video recording equipment or a dedicated recording space. Give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your building or spread the word about a company open house.
  • DIY Animation – If you think you’d enjoy dabbling in animation or you like the looks of an animated video for your business, there are some simple, free animation tools online. While the quality will not be as great as paying an animator to make the videos for you, this is an easy way to create some fun little videos for your website. Put out some quick video content while learning how to create more complex animations!
  • Start with Simple Edits – There’s plenty of different video editing software available for a range of prices and complexity. To see if you enjoy the process and are willing to learn more, pick out a simple, free editing software, and make some very simple changes to a short video. If you have a good message, your viewers won’t mind if the video is rough around the edges, and this content can even be endearing and build trust in your brand.

Watching Your Video Data

As with any other type of content, once you’ve posted a few videos, you should pay attention to the analytics data. Check out factors such as how many views the videos receive over a period of time, click through rates of how many people continued on to your website after watching the video, and conversion rates of viewers who went on to make a purchase or sign up for your newsletter. This data can help you understand your audience better as well as figure out what types of videos get you new customers and followers or bring back old ones for more purchases. It can also help you see what you need to do to make those numbers grow. Try a few different types of videos and see what gives you the best rates of viewers and visitors.

The average person watches around 10 seconds of a video before they either decide to keep watching or move on, so try to hook them in within those first moments. Your content should be fun, personalized, and get to the point quickly. Click To Tweet

Knowing your customers and what draws them in can help you create videos that keep people coming back for more. The average person watches around 10 seconds of a video before they either decide to keep watching or move on, so try to hook them in within those first moments. Your content should be fun, personalized, and get to the point quickly. Having fun with your video content and being honest with your viewers will help launch your business’s online presence. Your videos don’t need to be professional quality – they just need to be genuine, informative, and true to your business.


Types of Water Filtration

Types of Water Filtration 

There are many ways that the water flowing through our homes gets filtered before it arrives. These types of filtration can be done at your local water treatment plant or from a water filtration system you have installed in your house. Below, Advanced Water Solutions will discuss the different types of common water filtration and give you a brief look at how it’s filtered before flowing through your faucets.


Distillation is one of the oldest methods of water purification. The first step to distillation is heating the water to boiling. The water vapor then rises up to a condenser, where the lower temperature cools the water. This allows the vapor to be condensed, collected, and stored in another container. When this process is complete, most of the contaminants are left behind in the original liquid phase vessel.

However, sometimes carryovers can be found in distilled water. Some organics cannot be removed efficiently and can become concentrated in the product water, leaving it acidic. The distilled water can lack oxygen and minerals as well, leaving you with a flat taste. This is why distillation is mostly used in industrial processes rather than for plain drinking water. The other disadvantage to this process is cost, as it requires larger amounts of energy and is relatively slow to produce large amounts of clean water.

Ion Exchange

With this type of water filtration, ions are exchanged for other ions. An ion is a positively or negatively charged particle. The two most common ion-exchange methods are softening and deionization.

A water softener usually replaces calcium and magnesium ions from the water with sodium ions contained in filtration beads. The softening of water is used mostly as a pretreatment to help reduce the water hardness prior to other filtration methods. It’s also used in the home to create more palatable water that’s easier to use for cleaning. Check out AWS’s blog on hard vs soft water here for more information.

In deionization, the beads exchange either hydrogen ions (consisting of single hydrogen atoms) or hydroxyl ions (negatively charged units containing an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom). This process swaps out a hydrogen ion for any cations (positively charged particles) they encounter. The hydrogen ion from the cation exchanger unites with the hydroxyl ion to form pure water (H + OH = H2O).

Carbon Absorption

Carbon absorption is most widely used in home water filter treatment. This is because of its ability to improve the water by removing unsavory tastes and odors. It uses highly porous activated carbon to effectively remove many chemicals and gases. However, only a few carbon filter systems have been certified for the removal of lead, asbestos, and coliform, so do your research if you need to remove such harmful substances.

There are two types of carbon filter systems: granular activated carbon and solid block carbon. The use of a carbon filtration system is usually combined with other treatment processes, such as reverse osmosis. The placement of carbon in relation to any other filtration components is important when you consider the design of a water purification system, since you don’t want to be left with extra carbon in your drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most economical method for removing 90 to 99 percent of all contaminants. Reverse osmosis technology is used by most water bottling plants. Natural osmosis occurs when solutions with two different concentrations are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. Osmotic pressure then drives the water through the membrane so that the water dilutes the more concentrated solution.

To use this is method in water filtration systems, hydraulic pressure is applied to the solution to counteract the osmotic pressure. The pure water is driven out from the concentrated solution and collected separately. If you’re interested in learning more about how reverse osmosis works, check out AWS’s blog here.

Water Purification Systems

With each water filtration system working in a different way, you can’t always rely on just one method to remove all the contaminants to the levels required to make it safe. If you’re using a well-designed water purification system, it’s most likely using a combination of technologies to achieve the best water quality before it gets to you.

Each technology has a job to do and must be used in the correct sequence to gain the best removal capabilities. Creating the correct combination of water filtration systems and setting up proper pretreatment will help produce water that is almost completely free of ionic, organic, and microbial contamination and tastes and smells great.

Your local water treatment plant has most of this in place for you, so you can rest assured that you are getting some great water coming from your faucets. However, if you want to take that extra step to ensure the most purified water possible for your home, you can look into getting a whole home water filtration system or water softener.

Become More Trustworthy as a Marketer

Become More Trustworthy as a Marketer 

With a lot of misinformation spreading around, it’s often hard to trust a salesperson. There are so many other people you would more willingly put your trust into, right? From buying cars to makeup to electronics, do you find that you trust your friends, family, and even Google searches over official salespeople and marketers?

Unfortunately, it seems like many marketers will say and do just about anything to get you to buy or sign up for their company’s products or services. This has been going on for decades. Marketers create campaigns with the goal to sell. As consumers, many of us realize that this is their only goal, and we become more skeptical of these campaigns over time. It’s especially annoying when every marketer claims to have the best product without any actual facts to back up this claim.

If you’re a marketer and reading this, you know it’s true. You may feel like you’re being honest with your campaign and what you’re selling, but there are many out there who have resorted to making up fake reviews and stories about their product just to get it to sell.

So now that consumers are wising up to these tricks and starting to distrust all marketers, what can you do to make sure that you can become more trustworthy as a marketer? Below, Virtual Market Advantage will go over a few things you can do to help your image, reach out to your audience, and spread the word about your business in a beneficial way.

Stop Talking About Yourself

Consumers will not care about you or your company until you give them something to care about. If you want to create that good initial customer connection, you need to put them at the center of everything you do, not yourself.

If you simply create a campaign that produces and promotes content that says nothing more than how amazing your product is or why your service is the best, you will lose the consumer before you even have them. Right now, the customer wants to know how your goods or services are going to help them.

So how can you do this? First, you need to create content that offers a solution to a specific problem. Create content that taps into the emotional wants and needs of your audience. Make sure your product does not become center stage by shoving aside your customers and their needs.

Use Expert and Established Content

People will buy from those they trust, and that trust comes from being open, honest, and educational. You need to show your audience that that you know your stuff and understand their wants and needs. Doing this will go along way in becoming a trustworthy marketer.

One great way to improve trust is to bring in content that’s created by an expert in the field you are marketing. You can do this by interviewing them, asking them to create a piece of content for you, or creating a video that showcases their expertise. This is especially useful if you have not yet built up enough authority yourself.

When you use this method, you will become an expert by association, because you’re offering established, trusted information to your audience. Keep in mind that you aren’t bringing in these experts to help you sell your product or service. Rather, you’re doing it to become the go-to brand in your niche. This will ultimately show your audience why they should trust you over other marketers.

Share Real Life Stories

We know that there are marketers who will create fictional stories of people using their product to help sell it. Many consumers are tired of this sales tactic. Consumers are now looking for real stories from real people that they can connect with and relate to more directly. Remember, you are creating a campaign centered on your audience’s needs and emotions, not on your product.

Social media really helps businesses reach out and find these real-life endorsements. You can get stories by reaching out to past customers and asking them to spread their experience with your product and post about it on your social media pages. They can post stories or even videos and pictures. Endorsements coming straight from the mouth of your customers show your audience that you aren’t hiding anything and that your product has already worked for someone else. When they see this, they may start thinking that the product could work for them too!

Build a Community

Building a community that supports your product is a great way to find more customers, especially through social media. This can happen when you take all the points mentioned above and combine them together. Doing this will help you start building a community around your brand. This is an important step for today’s market, as it’s becoming easier by the day to just click and buy online.

Consumers are in control of the social media they follow and who they interact with online. The days of old-fashioned marketing strategies that just push to sell are gone. The marketing ring is now welcoming a collaborative approach between businesses and their customers. This helps build a community, and trust is becoming the most important factor for you to apply when it comes to your marketing strategies.

Creating an online community can boost your brand, because it provides you with an active base of customers who are willing to talk about your product. These are people who can give your social media the validation you need to build a trustworthy brand. With the right community, your customers will be bringing in more customers for you!

Help your customers feel like they are a part of something good, and create content that’s geared towards them and their needs and emotions, all while showing your expertise. Using these points will go along way in helping you establish authority, which will create trust. If you provide good content, are honest, and directly interact with your audience, and you are well on your way to becoming a more trustworthy marketer.

If you want more information on how to use social media to help your business, check out VMA’s blog that goes over how to track whether or not your social media strategy is working!

How to Retarget Your Audience 

How to Retarget Your Audience 

Are you getting a different type of audience to your Instagram or Facebook pages than you actually want? Has your brand has changed a bit, and you need to readjust your target audience? No matter the reason, there’s a way to retarget your audience by using a tool called Facebook Custom Audiences.

This is something that Facebook rolled out early in 2017 to test out Instagram retargeting. It’s now being used worldwide. If you haven’t tried this tool yet, Virtual Market Advantage will now go over the basics and show you how to get started.

What are Facebook Custom Audiences?

Facebook Custom Audiences include a few different groups, including people:

  • you already know.
  • who have visited or engaged with your app or website.
  • who have engaged with either your Facebook or Instagram pages and/or ads.
  • who have interacted with your business or store through offline channels.

Once you have created and established these lists of people, you can then start targeting then with your Facebook and Instagram ads. This lets you spend your advertising money more wisely!

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the process of targeting your online ads to reach the people who have already visited your website or engaged with your social media posts. They are already in your database as a potential lead or as a customer, rather than a completely random person.

There are a few simple ways that you can retarget your Instagram audience by creating these Custom Audiences through Facebook:

Retarget the people who watched your Instagram videos. You can create a list of people who have:

  • viewed at least 3 seconds of your Instagram videos.
  • viewed at least 10 seconds of your Instagram videos.
  • watched 25% of your Instagram videos.
  • watched 50% of your Instagram videos.
  • watched 75% to 90% of your Instagram videos.

To create these custom audiences, just login to your Business Manager or Facebook Ads Manager account. Look for the audiences tab and click on ‘Create New Custom Audience.’ You will then want to click on the ‘Engagement’ option at the bottom.

After this step, the video retargeting option is the first thing you’ll see. Once you select this, you need to pick your preferred watched/viewed time to target the particular Instagram videos whose viewers you will want to retarget towards.

Retarget Instagram users who engaged with your lead generation ads. You can also target and retarget users who have:

  • opened your Instagram lead generation forms.
  • opened and submitted an Instagram lead generation form.
  • opened but did not submit your lead form on Instagram.

This process is similar to how you create the Instagram video retargeting list, just remember that if you want to retarget only Instagram leads, you do need to select the lead forms that you have used in Instagram ads.

Retarget users who engaged with your Instagram profile, posts, or ads. These are all the other types of retargeting lists you can create under your business profile section, including:

  • everyone who has engaged with your Instagram pages, posts and ads.
  • people who visited your Instagram business profile.
  • people who engaged with your posts or ads on Instagram.
  • people who sent you an Instagram message.
  • people who have saved any of your Instagram posts or ads.

What’s the Next Step?

Once you have gone through and created all your Instagram retargeted audiences and lists, you can then access them in your ‘Assets’ library under the ‘Audiences’ tab.

If you want to also target people similar to those who engaged with your page, posts, and ads, you can create a ‘Lookalike Audience’ as well. If you want to use these retargeted audiences in future advertisements, you can find and select them in the ‘Audiences’ section whenever you create a new set of ads.

Get Insights about People Who Engage with your Instagram

While the limitations of the Instagram audience insights can get frustrating, the use of the Facebook Audience Insights tool can help with that. This tool is often overlooked but can give you a wealth of information, from demographic to behavioral data of your custom audience. If you want more information on Facebook Insights, check out VMA’s blog here!

Once you’ve created this target audience, you can use it to gain information on who exactly the people are who are engaging with your Instagram and Facebook profiles. You can see where they are located, their online behavior, and even their interests.

There’s so much potential in the Facebook Custom Audience tool for both retargeting traffic and analytics. If you haven’t yet jumped in to see what it’s all about, you should take the time to do so! This tool can help your business grow by helping you better understand your audience and what exactly they are looking for from your product.

How to Teach Kids to Code 

How to Teach Kids to Code 

In a world that’s headed towards being run more by computers and technology than people, it’s time to make sure that our children are learning the necessary skills to succeed in that future. This includes teaching them to code from an earlier age. Coding creates computer software, allows electronics to function, and is a trade that all kids should learn a bit about, even if they don’t end up becoming software engineers. Software programmers are in high demand, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Learning to code is similar to learning a spoken language. As such, kids can really benefit from starting to learn to code as early as possible. Below, Virtual Market Advantage will show you some great resources you can use to help your child engage in learning code. These programs make learning into a game while helping kids understand how to make those computers work!

Teaching Older Kids to Code

There are a lot of programs out there that aim to help make computer coding fun for kids to learn. Some are good for kids of all ages, but many are better for older kids. Let’s look over a few programs that may help your older child gain an interest and understanding in code:


Scratch is a free programming language developed by MIT. It has great learning resources and tools such as getting-started tutorials, a large user community that’s willing to help, and even instructions for parents.

This program uses a building block visual interface to create an easier user experience for kids. You can stack together programming components like actions, operators, and events. Each block has a shape that will only allow it to be combined with a compatible object. This program can be used to make real animations and games and can even be used with or without Internet access. Suggested age for Scratch is 8 to 16 years old.


Alice is a free 3-D programming tool that’s designed to teach the concepts of object-oriented programming languages like C++. It uses the familiarity of building blocks to allow children to create games and animations by programming camera motions, 3-D models, and scenes. The website may not look as inviting as Scratch, and the program is still being developed and researched, but it’s still a great free resource for older kids. The suggested age for this program is 10+ years.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is a programming language used to build iOS apps. It is an iPad game that’s designed to teach kids how to program in Swift. It’s a free download and doesn’t require prior coding knowledge.

This app contains many tutorials on different commands that are designed to move a character named Byte along a 3-D world. While no programming knowledge is required, your child will need to know how to read the tutorials and have some drive to problem-solve. The drag-and-drop code helps eliminate typos, but Swift Playgrounds does not use the interlocking block interface that some of the other resources use. Suggested age for this program is 10+ years.

Teaching Younger Kids to Code

There are some great apps out there to help younger kids get in on learning the basics of coding, all while making it fun. Many of the better apps are centered on graphics and simple animations rather than the actual code. While most of these games, like educational apps, are geared at kids ages 8+, if your child can read and has a basic understanding of cause and effect, some of these apps can be introduced as early as pre-k. VMA will take a closer look at a couple of the better apps below:

Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur is an app that prompts kids to manipulate a character, Daisy, through challenges that involve loops, events, and other programming basics. It’s a very simple and basic program, which is a big plus for younger kids.

There’s also a free-play version inside the app, so the kids are able make Daisy jump or walk backwards at will. Suggested ages for this app are 8+ years, but can easily be used by younger kids who have a longer attention span.

Move the Turtle

Move the Turtle is an app that’s similar to Daisy the Dinosaur. Move the Turtle teaches the basics of programming concepts by manipulating one graphical object (the Turtle) through a certain set of challenges.

Both of these apps are based on single-task bases, but they both teach a great deal of logical programming concepts. Again, this app is suggested for ages 8+ years, but could easily be used by younger kids who have a longer attention span.

Hands-On Coding

First of all, you should always encourage hands-on play. There are more and more toys hitting the market that teach the building blocks of coding. A couple of good examples of these types of toys are the robot called Dot and building blocks called Little Bits.

You can also create more real-life coding experiences for you kids. Many cities host Maker Faires where all eyes are on robotics and computer engineering. It’s basically a science fair with hands-on exhibits and activities.

Make sure you check out the online resources, games, and apps listed above. These plus many others are great tools for both you and your child to learn the basics of computer programming and coding. This could easily become something you learn together! There are so many websites that offer help with coding other than what we talked about above, such as and Made with Code. Take the time to find out what’s best for your child to start learning code!

If your kids become more interested in coding than you are able to help with, you can always seek out a coding mentor. There are many STEM mentors out there on the internet. Women@NASA and Engineer Girl help all kids, but with a focus on girls, which is a great way to get girls more interested in STEM careers early. They help you and your kid create a personal connection with engineers, giving kids the ability to ask questions and make connections that can be beneficial for years.

With technology at the forefront of many appealing jobs that are available these days, it’s important to introduce the world of computer programming and coding to your child early and help foster the interest in it if they show some. There are many resources out there to help you start the journey with your child. So dive in and start coding!

Is Your Social Media Strategy Working?

Is Your Social Media Strategy Working? 

If you have your own business, social media is no longer just a fun thing to be a part of and use to keep up with your friends. Business owners should take social media strategy very seriously. Many brands have found a great deal of success using social media by building communities and finding leads.

However, it’s difficult for up-and-coming businesses to gain success from the use of social media, because it’s hard for a business to accurately measure the results. This leads them not investing in social media, because they feel like they’re taking a gamble on their return on investment. (For more information on how to track RoI, check out Virtual Market Advantage’s blog here.)

Because of this, it’s important to accurately track your social media strategies and results. That way, you can see whether or not your social media strategy is working, and have something to show to those picky investors!

Ways Social Media Can Work for You

Before you get into all the ways your social media strategy can work, you must first understand that not every strategy works for every business. Just because one strategy works for one business, it does not mean that it will work for you. This is something that you must test out for your business, look at the results, and work it out from there.

Success comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to social media strategies, but usually comes down to one of the keys ideas listed below:

Traffic. Having a site that’s capable of generating revenue means that any traffic you get is valuable. This idea makes good sense, and in general, you can tie your social media success to just how much traffic it generates for your website.

Revenue. Not all traffic you generate will make you money. If social media traffic comes to your site but does not take action once there, this will not return money to your brand. If this seems to be happening to you, consider measuring conversions that start with your social media site, try to see where they fall off, and use that information to gauge your next step.

Visibility. While revenue is the ultimate bottom line for most businesses, it’s not the only indicator of success. Using social media helps for building a brand and increasing its visibility. This can lead to more loyal customer relationships that will ultimately increase your revenue, doing more than just creating short-term conversions.

Followers. The larger your list of followers, the larger and more active of a base you have for distributing your content and business promotions. This is an important step for startups that need help gaining that initial audience and customer base.

Common Traps with Social Media Strategy

While some strategies work on social media, some are just a trap that waste your time when used incorrectly. This can happen if you start to spend too much time focusing on one specific social media strategy. Remember to always step back and take a look at every aspect of your social media marketing to make sure you do not miss something that could ultimately be a big help to your business.

Followers. Having a long list of followers is great and indicates that you have a wider range of eyes on your product. Having more followers increases the potential reach of all of your content. A large follower count can also look great to potential investors into your business, who may use your follower count to seek popularity or influence. What the count does not tell you is how active those followers actually are and whether or not they are genuinely interested in your brand.

Traffic. While traffic is a valuable way to measure success, it does not mean anything by itself. You need something to measure it against to see just how valuable those visitors are. Not everyone who comes across your site will buy something, and not every visitor will return to buy something later.

Impressions. Social media platforms will sometimes give you insight as to how many impressions each of your posts have received. This is helpful, yes, but it doesn’t give you the entire picture, since it can’t tell you what those people are doing after they see your content.

Better Metrics to Use to Measure Social Media Strategy

Now that you’ve seen some ways to help your social media presence and you’ve seen some ways to fall into traps, what you need to look at are ways to better gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

Conversions. You can measure conversions by setting up goals on Google Analytics to help you determine how many social media users are taking meaningful action on your website. Meaningful is defined by you and your business’s needs, and you can even assign a value to it on the site. This is important, because it allows you to actually see what percentage of your social media traffic is actually spending time on your website and taking action while there, along with what kind of value that action will create.

Engagements. Don’t always just look at how many followers you have, take a look at how many engagements you are getting from those followers. This includes things like shares, likes, and comments. This shows that people are not just glancing over your post, they are actively interested in what you are sharing and posting about.

On-Site Behavior. Go in and take a look at your social specific traffic inside Google Analytics. This will tell you how traffic is flowing on your page. Which pages are they visiting? How interested are they in the content on that page? If you notice those visitors are leaving quickly after visiting a single page, it may tell you that you are targeting the wrong audience.

Using any social media strategy can be tricky and stressful. If you just take the time for trial and error and find what works best for you and your business, you will eventually find your target audience and the best social media strategy!

What is Reddit, and How Can it be Used for SEO and Marketing? 

What is Reddit, and How Can it be Used for SEO and Marketing? 

If you browse the Internet enough, you’re sure to come across the website Reddit. But what is Reddit, exactly? What can you learn from it? Is it useful for SEO? How can it help drive traffic to your website? How can it be used for online marketing? Virtual Market Advantage will attempt to answer all of these questions below!

What is Reddit?

Like many other social media sites, Reddit’s content is provided by its users. One person creates a post, which can be text only or include photos, videos, and links, and other people upvote or downvote the content, depending on how much they like it. The highest rated content is pushed up to the front pages, while the downvoted content will be seen by very few people. This content only lasts on the front page for a short amount of time, however, allowing the site to rotate through new content constantly. Other users can further comment on a post, and those comments are also upvoted and downvoted towards the top or bottom of the list contained within the post.

Reddit is a website that is well known to Internet marketers. The site calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet.” It’s a mix of news, interesting links, social commentary, and just downright nerdiness. Sounds like a great place to promote a website, right? The site drives headlines, traffic, and new ideas further and much more quickly than any other social network out there right now. This site can have massive promotion, reach, and influence if used right by Internet marketers.

Using Reddit for Research

Marketers can use Reddit to find a large selection of resources to develop new content marketing strategies. This sets it apart from other social networks, since it allows marketers to more easily find a constant stream of fresh and new content and conversations surrounding it. Using Reddit, you will find resources to launch your marketing with new ideas.

Marketers on this site can also use subreddits in their updates and research. This is an easy way to get more content marketing ideas from additional audiences and also get traffic for the official website. A subreddit is a way to further organize posts on the main site. For example, the subreddit r/aww is a place to peruse pics and videos of cats, dogs, and other adorable animals. As with the main site, the recent posts that are most upvoted rise to the top of the list of the subreddit.

Utilizing Subreddits

Because of how the voting system works, Reddit pushes hot new content to the forefront, making research for marketers even easier. The main challenge for you, the marketer, is finding the subreddits that are relevant to your website and audience. The best way for you to seek out information is to do a search related to what you are marketing for and then follow all the related subreddit links.

This tool also allows you to find the most popular subreddits, then follow the sidebar link to related, more specific subreddits. This will get the information flowing directly to you! You can even try to create a subreddit yourself for a niche topic, but unless it draws in and becomes visible to many other people, you won’t get much of a response.

If you take the time to combine these methods, you will find good, relevant subreddits to help you research content and beef up your marketing campaign!

Choosing Keywords

One of the hardest but most necessary parts of SEO is choosing the right keywords. It’s crucial to make sure that the language you use on your website matches the language your audience actually uses while searching for your products in the search engines such as Google. This concept is at the core of search engine optimization.

While the specialized research tools that are out there are great, they can sometimes blindly lead you into keywords that sound good but lack reach, because your audience does not actually search for terms like those.

To use Reddit for keyword searches, you must first figure out the best subreddits to use. These subreddits will allow you to watch your audience interact and talk about related products and problems in normal way, through both the posts themselves and the underlying comments. This will take some research on your end, but taking the time to go through and read subreddit threads can give you a goldmine of relevant keywords that simply don’t pop up anywhere else.

Get Involved

If you join Reddit to simply use it for self-promotion, the community will notice and react negatively. Join some subreddits that you want to be involved in as well as subreddits that can help you promote and grow your business.

Be active in discussions as a member, not just a marketer. Being an active member of Reddit allows you to study your market for free. There are always tons of conversations going on, and there are always questions that need answered. If you know an answer or have blog post that can answer the question, join the conversation. The more active and trusted you are in the Reddit community, the more likely you are to gain success in your SEO and marketing down the road with this platform.

Reddit Overview

Reddit is a wonderful website that is full of untapped resources. Most marketers who use Reddit do so with a focus on promotional potential and without putting in time or effort to do it well. Do not ignore the full research potential of using Reddit for your SEO and content marketing.

Remember that Reddit will act more favorably towards you if you participate with honesty and enthusiasm. Become an active member as you do your research and before you start in on your promotion. Blend in with other members by posting interesting and relevant content. All the while, use the ongoing conversations to help you develop new ideas, keywords, and other content for your SEO campaign. Properly using Reddit will help you as an Internet marketer if you go about it correctly!

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